Sunday, July 17, 2011

5 Second Rule Review

Never before have I received a game to review where one of the main elements in the press release and back of the box has been a unique timer included with the game. Interestingly that’s one of the key points of 5 second rule, and in a game so focused on time it’s surprisingly apt that the timer itself gets such a good billing. Luckily the core concept of the game is more than just playing with a timer, in what is one of the fastest paced games ever.

In essence, players take it in turns to draw cards that ask them to name three things of a certain type in five seconds. So you could have to name three flavours of milkshake (Banana, Strawberry, Chocolate) or 3 words beginning with ‘Tri’ (Tricycle, Trigonometry, Triforce). Cards vary in difficulty, so not many people would find it hard to name three websites, but other may struggle to name 3 movies set at sea.

The tricky part is the 5 second rule and the timer. The timer stands on one end like an hour glass and ball bearings race down from top to bottom indicating your five seconds. This makes a ‘woom’ sounds as it goes and you hear the balls rolling down. It’s tense, and that’s ideal for the game where time is so important. You’re supposed to be on edge and mess up, otherwise 5 Second Rule would fall flat without the timer.

Expanding from that simple start, University Games have added extra elements to the game. These are:

Pass on Cards: You can force another player to your left to answer the question instead.
Switch cards: You can change the card for another one
Danger Zones: Land on one of these spaces and you must get your question right of miss a turn.

That’s essentially it, the board itself is just 12 spaces long, and the game benefits from not becoming over complicated. Instead the focus is on variety. Which is why you get 752 questions that run the range from complicated to silly, simple to revealing. Another part of the fun is the random things people come out with, when under the time pressure. Name three things that make you scream being one silly example.

5 Second Rule is explained the second you hear the name. Whilst I found Pointless to have a few too main points, University Games have pitched it just right with this game. Name three games you’d like to play right now and this one might be in there. You have five seconds to decide...

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