Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Pig Goes Pop Review

One of my favourite childhood games was Pop Up Pirate. The aim of the game was to stab a pirate in a barrel, get him in the right place and he’d pop out of the barrel. It was good fun, until I realised the place to stab was the same every time. Enter Pig Goes Pop, a similar concept – feed a pig burgers until he pops – but thankfully one that doesn’t suffer such a rubbish flaw.

The pig in question starts off rather fat but with a flat belly. Before you play you tilt his tail to remove any excess air, leaving a belly ready to be filled. To do the filling you pick up different coloured burgers and take it in turns to put them in his mouth. The burgers themselves don’t actually do the fattening. Instead it’s done via a dice.

Before you pick up a burger you roll a dice to determine the colour of your burger. Then you select one of the burgers and turn it over to reveal a number. This number dictates the number of times you must push down on the pig’s head after you insert the burger. Doing this inflates his belly, and adds an element of randomness to the game that keeps things interesting.

In addition the dice could roll an X or a colour that has already been depleted. In this case you skip your go, which puts the focus right back on another player. This means even when you feel the game is over, you’ve still got a possible lifeline.

When the pig does go pop, he throws his hands in to the air, and his shirt springs open. This tends to happen with only 1-2 burgers left, so it’s important that you don’t lose any of the burgers included with the game. If you want to play again you pop his hands down, reattach his shirt, tilt his tail and remove the burgers from a flap in the back.

Each game takes minutes to play and it’s pretty simple to start again. It’s nice to see the makers of the game have added a good element of fun to the game, and clearly have thought about how to make it different every time (sorry Pop-Up Pirate but you always were predictable). It’s a short and fun game that is 100% luck, but still piggin’ awesome.

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