Monday, June 20, 2011

The Bluebeards Revenge Shaving Cream

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Covering shaving products on this blog has become a rite of passage for me. From having my first manual shave thanks to Gillette, to trying out shaving gel by Sanex I’ve had many a shaving first thanks to various brands. Today is no different as I tackle a shaving cream, which offers to do something entirely different – reduce beard growth.

So after being pestered with adverts to improve hair growth for years, that struck me as an odd concept. Whilst the aim is to have as much hair on our heads as possible there are certainly times where having a five o’clock shadow just after shaving can be frustrating. Some of my friends also have very tough beards that look like they would be a nightmare to shave, and I can therefore see the benefit in having a cream that helps reduce stubble growth.

Whilst I sadly can’t comment on the long term effects I can certainly say that in the short term it does help produce a good shave. With every pack you can send off for a shaving brush (just by paying the P&P) and that’s a must have if you don’t own one already. It makes applying the cream so much easier and means you can spread it evenly across your face in a nice fluid motion.

Applying the cream is simple, and far better than a can full of gel, most of which just squirt out random amounts. The cream feels quite thick on applying but comes off relatively easy with a blade, however I did find I had to run the blade under water more often than usual in order to remove the build-up of cream. Just a few seconds under the tap, but it’s something to be aware of if you feel the blade isn’t being as effective.

A few days after using the cream and I still have a smooth face. Whilst I sadly can’t lay claim to normally having a giant bushy beard, it still worked well for me as a normal shaving cream. It’s enough to make me consider the switch from gel to cream. The branding is excellent too. Bound to get a few looks from anyone rummaging through your bathroom cabinets. If you’ve got a bushy beard and want to remove it, then give Bluebeards Revenge a go. Beard overboard!

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