Sunday, April 10, 2011

Reviews of Free Stuff Everyday

If you haven't had chance to check out Free Stuff Everyday here's a sampling of reviews from and to help:

This is a good book for anyone wanting to get free items from various people. Mike is straight to the point on how to get things done and offers a lot of advice and examples. Some of these I have tired and still do and it does work. - Barbara Hightower

Easy read, doesn't outstay its welcome, and genuinely gives you some ideas about how to start out getting stuff "for free" -  Peter Heseltyne 

At its current low price, Free Stuff Everyday is a real bargain. You would only need to 'blag' a single item using any of the (many) approaches Mike suggests to be well in profit. - Nick Daws

There's enough examples of different approaches in the book to suit any personality, and the author makes sure he tells you what pitfalls not to fall into if you want repeat freebies - Julie Cutler

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