Monday, March 14, 2011

Zoobles Seagonia Collection Review

On Friday I reviewed the collectathon that was Gomu Eraserland, a set of rubbers that challenged you to collect all 100. Today it's the turn of Zoobles, to once again set me the goal of collecting 100 separate items. Whilst with Gomu I could quite easily classify what I was collecting, this time it's much harder to get a handle on what Zoobles are.

The best I can conclude is that Zoobles, appear to be animals that live in bubbles. Which would explain the title (Zoo-Bubbles). However these aren't just collectible figures that look pretty. Each Zooble will transform when placed on the top of their home - or happitat as they are officially called.

My particular Zooble was a circular fish, who when placed on his happitat would spread his fins and grow a tail as a star emerged from his head. This instantly took me back to my recent review of Bakugan which also featured creates that emerged from ball like shapes. Given that Zoobles are made by the same manufacturer as Bakugan this similarity is unsurprising.

It feels like Zoobles are an attempt to take the concept of collecting monsters and to bring it to a younger audience. They do the same things as Bakugan - with regards to expanding due to magnets - but rather than fighting they perform a different action like blinking. The range is also far more geared towards girls, and with a minimum age of 4+ they're a lot more child friendly.

Whilst I doubt many four year olds with have the pocket money to collect all 100, kids are likely to enjoy the occasional figure. In addition unlike most items with a lot of figures, it is possible to find the different numbered figures online on sites like Amazon. This cuts down on buying duplicates for no reason, and also means children can pick their favourites rather than being forced to have a figure they don't want because of pot luck.

If you do go all out and decide to build up a collection there are play areas that can also be purchased, to ensure your Zoobles will never be lonely. There's an entire world of products in the range, and it's sure to be a big investment for many parents. However, at least Spin Master have made building a collection as easy as possible on your own terms by removing the guesswork out of collecting the figures.

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