Saturday, March 05, 2011

Top Gear Board Game Review

The Top Gear Board Game is an attempt to mix all the fun elements of driving in to an hour long distraction for a lazy Sunday evening. Much like the show. It also includes time trials with the Stig, caravans and cars that are Sub Zero. Pretty much everything you'd see on the show with a little bit of personality injected via various questions.

Interestingly for a game based on cars, the interior is perfectly formed to compliment the purpose. Inside the box you'll find instructions streamlined to the shape of the box, with a simple guide to all the different squares on the board and the type of questions. This is far simpler than faffing around with paper instructions and is like the game's dashboard, with all the information you need at a glance.

At the start of the game each player is given a piece of paper with columns for coolness, speed and handling. As the game progresses you gain points, and lose points in each of the categories depending on your answers to questions, or the result of dice based challenges. The core concept of the game is relatively simple, (and a lot simpler than the Toy Brokers Top Gear Game), and the instructions in the box give a good guideline on what each challenge is.

First up there are three different type of cards you can encounter:

Hazard Cards: No action is required on these cards, you simply pick one up and your points are affected based on a typical driving hazard.

Question Cards: There are 165 of these in total, with three questions on each. Each of these three questions will affect a different category of points, and you roll the dice to determine which one you have to answer. Questions revolve around Top Gear trivia and facts from the world of motoring, and there's a good mixture of question types throw in. The cool wall even makes an appearance as you try to guess if a car is Uncool or Sub Zero.

Ultimate Car Cards: You gain one of these at the start of the game. Each card contains a car which has been cobbled together from individual cars. Your aim is to gain enough points to build your car, and to then pass the finish line.

The board alternates between question cards, hazards and a couple of other challenges thrown in for good measure. There's power laps where you try and roll less than the number on the board in three goes, caravan conkers, which is an attempt to roll a higher number than other players, and a caravan park space which is the same as the jail in Monopoly.

All of these elements together make for an interesting take on the Top Gear show. It's a trivia game at heart, but one that actually benefits by including a board (unlike many of the games we've tried recently). It won't make you feel like a racer, but it is a good take on the nuances of the TV show, and any game that manages to pack a show as mad as Top Gear in to table top format is certainly ahead of the pack.

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