Thursday, March 03, 2011

Fact or Crap Dare Funsize Review

Despite the name Fact or Crap Dare isn't actually a version of Truth or Dare, that has rubbish dares (The back of the box does little to shake this theory by asking 'Will you tell the truth or do the dare?'). Instead it's a game that asks you decide if various facts are true or false. Or as Imagination Games put it 'Fact' or 'Crap'. Guess incorrectly and you'll be faced with a dare which is revealed by selecting one of 100 tokens and peeling back the top to reveal your fate.

In terms of questions there's 100 cards, each with three questions on them. This creates 300 possible questions, which is plenty for a quick fire game such as this. The questions are random bits of trivia, the likes of which the majority of people won't know. Usually hard to answer questions are the death of most quiz games, but not in this case. As you've got a 50/50 chance of getting any question right, and the answers are often quite funny, getting an answer wrong is nowhere near as frustruating as on other games.

Plus you get a dare as well. Depending on what the correct answer is, you pick a FACT or CRAP token and must do the dare which is contained within. So you could have to order breakfast as if you were Yoda, imitate a bodily function or make up a haiku. Some challenges are ridiculously easy (e.g. "use the word fabulous in a sentance that relates to your fellow players") and we didn't see anything in there that was particularly risky.

Of course this is a game for 12+ so there's no nudity or drinking elements to the dares. Well aside from exchanging an item of clothing with another player, but that's surely as rude as you decide to make it. In essence this is a family friendly game, at least for families with teenagers. As a party game for adults it's still good fun, some challenges proving a good laugh in front of friends. You'd better hope you don't get the 'putthree ice cubes inside your clothing' dare at least.

This is a game best played with people who are drama queens at heart. A lot of the dares include some element of acting. This is excellent for the other players, and means even if you aren't playing it's quite a fun game to watch. For those who aren't natural born actors, some of the dares, actually ask you to tell the truth about things you've done, and all the tokens we tried could be completed by any player in the game.

Fact or Crap Dare is a handy game to have for a party if you need something to break the ice initially. It's best played with a big group of people and if you can get the players involved, the chance for showmanship should make for an entertaining evening all round.

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