Saturday, February 19, 2011

Flick Trix Street Hits Review

So here's an interesting concept. For those who can't master the grinds, barspins and tail whips of real BMX riding, you can now re-live the real thing with the use of  a finger BMX: in this case called Flick Trix. Using Flick Trix your house becomes the course and you can ride the bike around the room, turning furniture in to obstacles and opportunities for jumps. There's just one problem:

Like Yo-Yo's, Flick Trix will sell you on the idea that you can be a professional and perform amazing stunts easily. For example you can do this:

And this:

And you can of course, achieve the same feats but don't think that they'll come within a few seconds of opening the box. This is a toy to be mastered so that when you show it off to your friends you will earn their respect by doing cool stunts that they couldn't dream of attempting.

Thankfully the bike is quite sturdy and fairly simple to move around once you grasp the concept of holding it correctly. I tried to hold it in all manner of odd ways before seeing the above videos / guides. It'll run fine in the direction you push it, and turning the handles allows you to turn as you'd expect. The pedals even move as you push the bike forward, adding to the realism.

The first trick I grasped was taking the bike up a ramp and spinning the entire body around in the air. This is fairly easy to do as just holding the handle bars and spinning will achieve the trick. Landings aren't a problem as you have control, and you can even fake a slow motion replay just by landing very slowly. It feels weird that you have so much control over this trick making machine, but as you'll see if you try to attempt the above videos the only way to get really good is to practice.

In addition to learning tricks there's a lot on offer here for the collector. If your house doesn't prove challenging enough you can buy ramps, jumps and rails. There's also officially licenced bikes from major manufacturers such as Red Line and riders like Dave Mirra and Garrett Reynolds. It may not be for everyone, but it's a natural step up from racing hot wheels around the living room.

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