Saturday, October 09, 2010

How to Get Products for Free Part 17

Trying in nicely with my recent guide on how to get free cosmetics this chapter looks at how having on strong brand send you free products can be entiving for others operating in similar markets. There's also more from my sidekick and even a little bit of blagging envy.

Chapter 17: It’s all cosmetic
Hoping to tap in to this new market of cosmetics, and body care (and play off the fact a company as big as L’OrĂ©al had faith in our quest) I decided to focus my attention in this area.

Better yet I already had the backing of a Gillette review to rely on so any companies I contacted could see that their rivals were in the game and thus they should be too.

Cosmetic samples are also a doddle to get (i've even written a guide on how to get free cosmetics). If you’re ever stuck for a gift for someone go to a cosmetic counter, um and ah about what you want and you’ll most likely get a small sample. Do it at enough counters enough times and you’ll have a small starter selection for any brand you choose.

Naturally this is rubbish on its own so buy a nice box from a card shop and voila a cheap (almost free present). You can pull the same trick with perfume and aftershave samples. Search on the web for ‘free perfume’ or go to any counter and you’ll get a sample. Most samples now come in small bottles, and likewise if you get a few you’re got a starter pack (which can go for up to £15-30 in most shops) with a mixture of different brands.

Given the ease of getting these samples it was decided that I would only settle for a bottled or boxed versions the same as you would buy in the shops.

This led to a bit of a recurring joke on the site as I somehow found myself with a different shaving gel every month. It also led to three Avon and two Sanex for Men products alongside some Blue Active Muscle Gel. Best of all these was a years supply of Brylcreem which included four gels, one shampoo, three waxes and two putties (so four different Brylcreem product types/ gets in all).

Read the Brylcreem review

With my many cosmetics reviews in place I was certain I could beat Marie’s record number of visitors and return the freebie grabbing crown to my head.

No so, my ten freebies still counted fewer readers than Marie’s one review. What happens when the sidekick begins to outshine the hero? Things start to get ugly…

41 Down 59 To Go

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