Saturday, October 02, 2010

Free Cosmetics, Makeup and Beauty Samples

Whilst there's a ton of places with free cosmetic samples online most of them seem like scams, so just how can you get reliable free beauty samples all year round? That's the question Freebie-Man reader Katy asks:

"I want to be like you! How do you get cosmetic freebies. I want to get some lovely freebies but don't know how and which companies to email. Any tips ?"

Testing Cosmetics
The days of cosmetics testing being for complicated lab experiments are coming to a close and testing beauty products in actually a fairly easy process. Cosmetic Research Online is one such example, who send out regular emails to their pool of candidates asking for people to try products. You get sent the product in the post, write a few comments back and it's yours to keep.

The guys over at Money Saving Expert seem to rate the service with the general consensus being you need to be quick for any chance of getting a free sample. They also found people over 30 got more samples and that reapplying after a few months means you've more chance of getting something than forever sitting on the list.

Join a Beauty Group 
Whilst Katy is curious what companies to contact what she should be asking is why they would give her something for free. She'll need a reason for being sent beauty samples because if there's nothing in it for the cosmetics agency then she won't be able to convince them to send anything. So Katy could join a beauty group to give her a way of exposing the products she gets.

There's two good examples at and where people come together and share beauty reviews. If Katy can get integrated on the site, write a few pieces of products she already owns and make connections she will have a possible way of promoting the products she is sent. However this isn't a spamming exercise, she'll need to review any product fairly and can't just be a corporate puppet writing only positive comments about the product's she's sent. People will see through this quickly and if she can become an authoritative source on products she'll have more chance of getting free cosmetics in the future.

Setup a Beauty Blog
If a product review site isn't enough it's possible to create even more of a brand for yourself by writing a blog. This doesn't have to be the best designed site in the world, for example is a fairly basic site, but it gives users lots of reviews. Katy (or you) could do the same and write about products, then approaching companies offering to cover their stuff. As above honesty is the best policy.

Browse Free Makeup Forums
If all else fails there's always the sites who compile lists of free cosmetics. Whilst these are short term solutions with offers that expire within days if you're fast enough you'll find a wealth of beauty samples. is the best one I've come across but feel free to post others in the comments.

Good Luck


  1. Amazing! I saw this today, does it look legit?

  2. Hi

    I have got some samples from Lancome, and recently setup a beauty blog.
    If any of you could check it out, comment on it, or follow it, i'd love it so so much. I've set up my blog, as it gets more popular will companies email me or email them. Any feedback on my blog is appreciated.

  3. Sorry that is the wrong link here is the right one

  4. Thanks Miss Katy, That looks pretty much spot on in terms of a focused blog on beauty products that you can use to contact companies with. Any other freebie successes?

  5. Yeah, bareMinerals contacted me and said would I like to review some products for me and are sending them out asap !!

  6. Thanks for sharing the beauty samples, that looks pretty much spot on in terms of a focused blog on beauty products that you can use to contact companies with.

    clinique moisture surge

  7. I already have a blog and youtube channel what do I do now I have followed the advice but still nothing :(


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