Monday, September 27, 2010

How to Get Products for Free Part 9

If variety is the spice of life then you certainly don't want to be stuck with the same type of freebie over and over again. It's a mini chapter today but with some important lessons on how to ensure when you ask for free stuff that you get a good variety of different products from different companies.

Chapter 9: Something Totally Different
There’s a problem with running a website which has only reviewed toys, food
and games and then writing to other companies and expecting them to send
you something for free. You get typecast, and that means people come to your
website looking for toys and companies think that all you’ll ever review is
toys. Now I know how Sean Bean feels having to play bad guys all the time.

Now whilst I would have loved to play with toys all day I wasn’t
entirely sure I could get 100 toys in time for April (it was August at this point
and I was running out of toy companies). So not wanting to fail the quest I
decided to see what other products I could lay my hands on.

Sadly my imagination can sometimes drift and in the end I could only
think of 30 more companies that I hadn’t called already. Not wanting to give
up I sent them all an email and then tried to think of more companies to

Not wanting to be beaten by my own lack of memory I walked in to
Birmingham city centre on a mission to write down the names of as many
products as I could. Because I was sure I’d never remember an assortment of
names I took with me a notepad and wrote down everything I could.

You’d probably think a person walking around town with a notepad
wouldn’t arouse any suspicion at all. Most people who saw me would have
though I was looking at a shopping list or writing down things to do that day.

Despite this I couldn’t help but get the feeling people were watching me. I’m
sure I must have looked shifty picking up products and writing down
information for every product I saw. I even got the odd look from a security
guard or two as I walked around for hours never buying anything, but always
looking. In the end I got too weirded out and walked home, list of companies
still in hand.

One company on my list, which I really liked, was Filofax, I’d always
wanted one and if I could get one for free by copying and pasting an email I decided to go for it. A couple of days later I received one in the post and then
had a strange worry that they may ask for it back. Just in case I decided to
write on the pages and even fill in the name card after all I wouldn’t want
them to take my get away from me!

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13 Down, 87 To Go

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