Tuesday, September 21, 2010

How to Get Products for Free Part 4

The saga continues and in part four we see ways to get products for free from friends at work, the review of free product number three, and more general tips. Plus Freebie-Man is faced with an energy drink addiction. Unsure what this is all about? Then check out Part 1 here.

Chapter 4: Totally Relentless
When not donning the cape of Freebie-Man I spent a year working in a
company called Janssen-Cilag. This was part of my student placement and a
chance to experience the ‘real-world’ outside of University. Whilst I did get
to experience the real world of actually earning money I also got to spend my
time with 35 students who also worked there.Certainly the nicest way to ease in to the real world.

Amongst the students I made some good friends including Jon-Paul
who I would soon come to realise had a rather unnatural obsession. Was it
DVD collecting? No more so than me. Was it dressing up? Only in a caveman
outfit. Was it being completely obsessed with a soft drink? Bingo!
You may wonder what being obsessed with a soft drink would look
like. I’m sure in your head right now you’re imagining someone knocking
back can after can of Red Bull as if it were their life blood, but this was a
different kind of obsession, you may even call it a way of life. It all started
one day when Jon-Paul offered me a new soft drink called Relentless.
Nothing strange so far, just a guy offering someone a new product, no big
deal, but when the can was gone he pulled out another, and another and a
whole fridge full of them in fact.

Thinking he’d got it all out of his system I settled back to trying to
look busy whilst at the same time discussing last nights episode of Lost with
my student colleagues. And then came his video. An undying love tape
dedicated solely to Relentless and its amazing superiority over the other Soft
Drinks of the world. Next thing we knew he’d managed to wrangle his way to
a Wakeboarding event organised by the Relentless creators and came back
with all manner of memorabilia which soon dominated his desk and computer

Knowing that Relentless is a sugary energy drink and worrying that my friend had become addicted to more than just its sugar content I decided
to ask him once and for all what was going on. In truth, it turned out his
Uncle worked for the company and that he’d been trying to get the word out
to help them out. Not wanting to miss an opportunity I asked Jon-Paul if he
could provide me with a crate of Relentless for review and a day later I’d
found my third freebie. Just goes to show freebies can come from anywhere and

Read the Relentless Energy Drink Review

Little did I know, but this review would soon become the shrine for
Relentless fans worldwide. It got listed on Wikipedia as the best review of the drink anywhere and soon I found
people posting from all over the world declaring their undying love for the
drink. Here are a couple of my favourites:

“He's right Vodka/RElEnTlEsS is great me and mates call it

“Hey, me and my friends got addicted and decided to build a tower from
each can wev'e drank, the tower half a year on is now 245 cans and taller than
me, i'm 6 foot 2 by way”

When you consider that each can is 500ml and these guys have drunk what
amounts to 245 cans of pure sugar that’s quite the accomplishment. As for
the first guy he goes by the name “Blogmam” and clearly has a bit of an
obsessions with punctuation. As you can see people really are addicted….
There’s definitely something in the sugary water.
3 Down 97 To Go

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