Monday, September 20, 2010

How to Get Products for Free Part 3

In Part Three, Freebie-Man becomes perplexed, tries out his second freebie and sets the rules that will govern his quest to get 100 products for free. Over the course of this eBook these rules will evolve in to four core blagging principles so read on for more.

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Chapter 3: Perplexed
Whilst superheroes often break the rules (turning invisible, shooting webs etc)
it’s important they have their own internal rules in order to give them a
feeling of right and wrong and in order to guide them in their personal battles.
For my battle I decided to set four simple rules:

1) I can’t spend a single penny in getting a product.
2) I must get exactly 100 products by 17th April.
3) I have to try everything I get.
4) If a product has to be sent back it does not count as a freebie

Simple rules for what I still believed would be a relatively simple task, sadly
by the time June rolled around I’d still only received one product and my
quest hadn’t really progressed at all. At this point Freebie-Man wasn’t really a
man of action, instead hoping the website would do all the hard work and that
word would get round on the quest. Sadly the Internet can be a cruel and cold
place at times and actually getting people to notice you is kind of like High
School all over again. Only this time there’s a lot more kids who are more
popular than you.

Thankfully, like High School, you can always count on the occasional
kid to pick you back up and give you a helping hand after the School Bully
knocks you down. In my case the helping hand came from Perplex City who
sent a pack of their card game straight to my door without so much as a note,
or a contact detail. Confused by this generosity (as well as how they had got
my address) I decided to play with the cards and set about writing a review. A
couple of days later a video game turned up and I soon realized that the cards
had come as a free sample with the game. Hmm, I guess you should always
tick the box asking for third parties to contact you, it doesn’t always mean
junk mail.

As for whether or not a free sample constitutes a 'freebie' I decided to
consult the rules, after all that’s why they’re there. "I can’t spend a single
penny in freebie grabbing a product” Seeing as no money had exchanged
hands and I was now the proud owner of that all elusive “something for
nothing”, (and lets face it I was desperate by this point) I decided to add it to
my quota and added the review to the website, hoping it would attract more
generous donations to the cause.

Read the Perplex City Review

A few weeks after posting this review up on the website I went
to the office in my flat to find one of the receptionists, Ross, looking at the
website. Within seconds of me walking in he preceded to tell me how much
he loved Perplex City and how he had spent £100 on cards after reading my
review. On subsequent visits he would update me of his journey in to the
world of Perplex City and how he was getting closer to winning the prize and
every time I was amazed by the journey he was taking just because of a few
words I wrote on some crummy little website. When asking him how he even
found the website he said he had read the website address from a parcel I
received. Now I use this story, to show the effect a single review can have on
a person’s life. Ross has probably spent over £1000 on the cards, and he
wouldn’t have spent a single penny had it not been for a free sample and
review. I can’t help but feel a little bit guilty

2 Down, 98 To Go

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