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How to Get Products for Free Part 2

The is the second part of our guide on How to Get Products for Free. Missed part one? Find it here. Today we explore the origins of Freebie-Man, how to convince companies to give you free stuff and the first ever freebie I received. There's also the first glimpse of the Freebie-Man quest to get 100 products for free. Read on...

Chapter 2: Starting up
You may have gotten this far and suddenly decided that blagging is
for you, that you want to create your own ‘fake identity’ and hit the streets in the search of freedom and a free lunch but the journey isn’t easy. Companies
aren’t just waiting for someone to come and take products off their hands that
they paid cold hard cash to create. Some won’t even so much as pass out a
business card without hearing something that convinces them they have
something to gain from you. And in the face of such cold corporations a
catchy name isn’t going to cut it. You’ll need a hook and that was something
I knew wasn’t going to come easily.

At first I wrote to companies just asking for free stuff, there was no
real goal, no end game, just a curious consumer hoping to sample a few of the
world’s little pleasures for free. It didn’t seem like much to ask, the odd
leftover out-of-manufacture stock from a warehouse here, some free food
there, I figured I’d be enjoying free samples on a daily basis without so much
as having to fire off more than a few emails. Turns out I was wrong. One
hundred emails sent and I didn’t receive so much as a how do you do for
weeks. When I did get a reply it simply read, “We don’t give out items to
charity” which to be fair was all I was at the time, a charity run on the
donation of free items for the benefit of the starving stomach of ‘Freebie-

So I regressed, I returned to the solace of my humble digs and their
perpetual twilight and stared to think... Sadly I lack a Butler named Alfred so
had to prepare my own mug of cocoa as I pondered once again how I would
achieve my own brand of world domination. As I thought back to my first
days of free goods, the first little shiny CD that had popped through my door
one faithful day in December I knew I had my answer. The Internet. What
better a place for a superhero in the making to run their base of operations, it
would give me a starting point and a focus. Ultimately it would give me a  way of getting something through my letterbox, no matter what it may be.

Keeping it simple I registered, set up a simple blog and all
of a sudden Freebie-Man was known to the world, his not so secret identity
visible to anyone who dared type his name into a search engine.
With an online identity the next thing I knew I needed was a purpose,
a reason for doing all of this crazy stuff in the first place and a reason
ultimately for having to accept whatever was going to come my way. What
better way to regulate my progress than with a target, a simple goal, yet
something that would focus my energy and allow me to reach out to the
world. I decided to aim for 100 products, a number which I felt would be easy
to achieve at the time as well as also sounding impressive enough to ward off
anyone else who wanted to copy Freebie-Man. But what good is a goal
without a timeline? I decided that by next April I’d finish my quest. That
would give me a year from when I started and would give me plenty of time
to go on the hunt for anything my heart desired.

And then it happened, my hearing sense sparked as I heard the
letterbox jangle. Expecting bills I prepared myself for some serious shredding
but by some miracle it wasn’t a TV Licence warning, it wasn’t even junk
mail, just a single £1 voucher for McVities Hob Nobs and a note, which
simply said “May we wish you every success with your experiment”.
Brilliant! Even though I’d told them absolutely nothing they decided
to send me a voucher regardless. What’s even more brilliant is that they
replied to the email of a madman and practically encouraged him to continue
whatever strange quest he was on. Instantly I was incredibly grateful, so
grateful that I decided I’d write a few words for, which I’ve
included below:

Read the HovNobs Review

And with that Freebie-Man had a voice, an identity that people could identify
with. He was finally starting to become a hero that others could trust and his
voice was now known around the globe. He had made it in to civilization and
was ready to use his powers.

1 Down, 99 To Go

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  1. Parts three to seven now scheduled in for every day next week. Be sure to check them out.

  2. Wesker Walker11:37 am

    Ooh new stuff from the book, any chance of a directors cut for us online readers.

  3. Hah, I'm not quite proud / over the top about my work to do a directors cut. The advice still works pretty well today and I'll be adding blog posts on how to blag specific items to help flesh out the extra bits that need developing.


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