Friday, October 01, 2010

How to Get Products for Free Part 13

Read about the time I became absolutely obsessed with getting stuff for free, and some tips on how to manage getting freebies in with your day job and other commitments. There's even an example of using a voucher to get something for nothing.

Chapter 13: Obsession and Greed
Because my job had now finished I essentially found myself with nothing to
do all summer except get and sleep. After spending a couple of days sleeping
and rewatching ‘The Rock’ for the 20th time I decided it was time to get back
to my quest. Time was ticking away and for some reason the people visiting
my website had decided to harass me for an article every day. Tough crowd.

Truth be told I’d probably gotten a bit lazy, I’d managed to get 5
products in a week and felt pretty comfortable that the next week would sort
itself out. Big mistake. I sent off a few lazy emails to companies with the
usual begging and then went back to lounging on the bed.

The problem was nothing came that day, or the next day, or for a
whole week in fact. Every morning I’d wake up cheerful and happy and then
after finding out my post room had nothing for me I’d go back upstairs and
think to myself “Something will come tomorrow” but it didn’t.

I even became a little bit obsessive, I’d see Royal Mail vans make
their way around the city centre and every day I’d think “That’s for me, I’d
better get back to the flat”. No joke, I’d be walking past a huge office
building and immediately assume they were going to send something my way
in the big red van waiting outside.

One day I was even walking back to the flat and spotted a DHL van
parked outside. The guy was still in the van so I walked past silently and
proceeded to hide around the corner and watch. I tried to keep myself as silent
as possible and waited for him to take the parcel out of the van. Sure enough
he took it to the post room and returned to his van. After he’d driven away I
casually walked up to the post room and proceeded to ask for my parcel.

“It’s not for you”


You see you have to understand what was going through my head at
that time; I had somehow become completely obsessed with getting stuff for
free. I’d convinced myself that it could lead to great things and that I’d be
able to try something new each and every day. The reality was I was staying
in waiting for parcels that never came instead of actually getting out there and
enjoying the summer.

What was making things worse was that my flat was directly opposite
a place where people store and ship boxes. As my computer faced a window
looking on to the box factory it meant my whole day was filled with watching
people cart all manner of boxes, parcels and containers. I had convinced
myself each of them could be for me.

Eventually I managed to come to my senses and realize that freebie
grabbing takes time, it requires you to sow the seeds, build up a reputation
and then go in for the kill and that’s what I couldn’t see at the time. Finally I
realised how low I'd sunk when I went out and spent £40 on some Clinique
products just so they’d give me some free samples. I mean how ridiculous is
that, paying money for free stuff, and breaking my own rule no less.

Thankfully they chucked in a free Hugo Boss aftershave as well,
taking my overall get counter up to 20 but the road ahead was looking long
and arduous. Desperate for another get, and feeling the heat from emails
asking for updates I emailed every past company again. McVities took the
bait and I found myself with 2 vouchers for KP Nuts and Cream Crackers but
it was clear I needed some new contacts and I needed them fast.

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Unfortunately my craving for freebie grabbing was far from satisfied

22 Down 78 To Go


  1. Anonymous8:47 am

    Does a voucher count as blagging? Would saving 50% mean half was a freebie?

  2. I'd say a voucher only counts as a freebie if it's 100% off. If it requires a purchase too (like buy 1 get 1 free) it doesn't count either.


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