Tuesday, September 28, 2010

How to Get Products for Free Part 10

The chapter in which I start to go to extreme lengths to get stuff for free including using razors and wax strips for men. No one said getting stuff for free would be easy but if you offer to review anything you're sent then prepare to take a little bity of pain along the way.

Oh and tomorrow sees the BIG chapter on how to make a persona for freebies. Don't miss it!

Chapter 10: What have I let myself in for?
Mostly I’d been using my newfound power to test products I enjoyed already
and to test things I may have missed out on. In fact the rule “I must test
everything I receive” was actually working out pretty well, that was until I
was forced to lose hair from more than one part of my body.

First up there was Gillette who I’d emailed on my big list of
companies I could think of the names for. They were days away from
launching their new Fusion razor in the UK and decided to send me one over
as well as two shaving products. Happy to have three gets for the effort of one
I looked forward to receiving a new automatic razor.

Only problem was it wasn’t automatic, and I’d never used a manual
razor before. As you’ll see in the review I put a happy face on it all but in
reality I was pretty worried. What’s more I managed to apply the wrong
amount of shaving foam and even shaved in the wrong direction, nearly
cutting my face open before I’d even started.

Thankfully Marie was with me and she managed to tell me what I’d
need to do. Not at all embarrassed by the fact a girl had told me how to shave
I managed to use the product and shave off a weeks worth of stubble.
I included on the website a photo of my chin after using the razor and
to me it looked pretty impressive, most of the hairs had been removed and it
was mostly stubble free. Sadly the shaving community at large didn’t agree
and proceeded to leave comments along the lines of:

“If you look closely at the shaved photo you've still got loads of unshaven

Oh well, hopefully my bad attempt at shaving didn’t put too many
people off the razor.

Read the Gillette Fusion Review

Shaving my face with a manual razor for the first time was nothing
compared to what I was about to put myself through. I’d been talking to a PR
company about reviewing a cappuccino maker and they decided that in the
mean time they’d send my way some Veet for Men wax strips. Fun.

Knowing that I’d have to review anything that arrived through my
door I was tempted to try and stop them put sadly they’d already sent them
down to me. The next morning I picked them up from my post room and was
forced to try them out.

Read the Veet Wax Strips for Men Review

I had to endure having two giant hair holes on my legs for about 2 months after using the strips.

18 Down, 82 To Go

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