Saturday, March 10, 2012

Free Bags, Handbags and Bag Freebies

Today's post on how to get free bags was sparked by a request from Carly who asks:

"I came across your website and am fascinated haha. Would you be able to help me get a converse bag or a bag suitable for uni?"

Sure thing. Free bags, handbags and bag freebies coming up:

Finding Free Bags
Whilst I could publish some online freebies that are available now it's important you know how to contact companies direct in the future and find other deals on the web, otherwise once any deals I added here expired it'd be game over. So here's a very simple trick you could try to find other bag freebies:

Searching for Bags
In my day job for an SEO Agency I'm constantly asking, "How do people find things online?" which is quite useful as it helps me see ways to discover hidden gems. In this case there are a few simple things that can be put in the search engines to discover free bags. Try typing any of the below in to your chosen engine and browsing the top results. Ignore any of the sponsored listings (any company that pays to give away a freebie will want something in return or be too good to be true) and check around the rest:

* "Free Bags"
* "Bag Freebies"
* "Free Bags Samples"
* "Free Gift Bags"
* "Free Handbags"
* "Free Reusable Bags"

Lots of these free bag offers require a purchase or a long list of never ending actions to be completed first. Whilst this may also be a great deal, be sure you know what the deal is first. Read the terms on the sites first to be sure you know they're safe to use. If in doubt perform a search for a website address with the word "scam", "review" or "legit" to see if other people have positive experiences.

Don't give payment details or any personal details you feel uncomfortable with. If they need your email / phone for a survey then fine, but if they start asking really obscure questions such as mother's Maiden name then move on.

Other than that give it a go. The search engines are the go to source for instant bag freebie results. There's always the option of contacting companies direct too, which is the best bet for free handbags and designer bags.

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  1. There's also the option of becoming a mystery shopper, something we;ll cover in more detail in the future.


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