Friday, September 17, 2010

100,000 People Can't Be Wrong

Having not written on the site for a while, a colleague asked me just how many visitors I've recived to the Freebieman blog since it started. A quick look on Google Analytics later and I could see:

102,450 Visitors! When did that happen? And more importantly thanks to everyone who has viewed the site over the years. Interestingly visitors continue to hold strong with old articles gaining hundreds of visitors every day. For some reason my Veet for Men Wax Strips Review, Free Furniture Guide and many more odd reviews and free stuff guides continue to bring in lots of people.

Seeing this it has made me want to start writing again, after quite a long hiatus. In all honesty I expected site interest to drop after I gave all my freebies away but people keep on coming and demands for fresh content hit my email all the time. You've probably noticed the redesign, and that's to help keep the Freebie-Man content together and give me the freedom to share my thoughts on other topics too (don't worry nothing boring, and it'll always be original stuff).

I've also decided to fish some old articles from the archives and give them an update with new blagging tips, extra photos or comments. Whether it be the Relentless Energy Drink Review or How to Get a Free Car, there will be something for everyone.

Thanks to all 102,450 of you, I hope I provided something useful and you like what's to come.

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  1. Anonymous6:22 pm

    Was I number 102,451?


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