Monday, September 13, 2010

Long Time No Speak!

If you've been coming to the site any time in the last oooh year and a half you'll probably notice I've gone quiet. No I'm not one of the Lost writers in hiding, nor have I saught the need to hide a secret identity. Truth is I've been working and following the conclusion of Freebie-Man I moved to Hampshire, started Internet Marketing and was recurited by a SEO Agency. I also couldn't resist the occasional Freebie for old times sake.

Interestingly this didn't present a world a million miles away from that of gathering freebies. It still involved liasing with PR agencies, newspapers and writing articles on just about anything. Freebie-Man itself make it in the USA Today, BBC Radio 5 Live, The Times and Web User Magazine so this gave me good experience in how to take a site to the press and gain good value links.

What this means for Freebie-Man is a change in to 'Word of Mike' the contiuation of the old column I wrote for my first gaming site back in 2001. Topics will evolve away from gaming to include the entire Freebie-Man archive, Internet Marketing tips, Blagging advice and general ramblings from someone who spends way too much time online.

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