Thursday, April 09, 2009

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Its Easter - Fancy Some Chocolate?

"Its Easter - Fancy Some Chocolate?"

Now that's certainly the best start to an email I've seen in a long time. Who could say no?

I certainly couldn't and soon found on my desk three Aero filled eggs just in time for Easter. When I was young having a non Cadbury's egg at Easter always seemed like an odd premise. Much like Heinz Baked Beans their brand name was synonymous with their product and anything else seemed like a poor mans imitator. A Cadbury's egg was met with glee and anything else met with an ungrateful 'thanks' and a miserable look whilst eating something that didn't taste 'right'. This seemed to be very much the law of the playground as well, with kudos being earned for those with the biggest Cadbury's egg and lashings for those with any poxy 99p other brands.

Which is madness really. These days a Yorkie is my favourite chocolate bar, Hotel Chocolat is now the must have brand we all want and my taste buds have matured from 'I only want X' to 'lets try as many different foods as I can before I die'. The law of the playground is also a distant memory and thankfully I can make my own mind up without peer pressure telling me what to say (well most of the time). So now a small Aero egg is no longer met with disappointment but instead with intense curiosity. My thoughts are no longer "It isn't Cadbury's" but instead "Is it better?".

And in a way it certainly offers something different. Hard chocolate on the outside with Aero's bubbles on the inside. This creates a mixture of tastes that you don't get with a simple Aero bar, as the outer coating is thicker than usual. As for the Aero layer it seems to have mellowed over the years, now tasting much less rich but still offering a rewarding taste. The combination of soft and hard makes the egg very nice to bite in to, killing years of Easter preconceptions in one go.

So I guess my point is that it's worth a punt. Even if you only ever get one type of egg every year, for under a quid this one is certainly worth a go as well, no matter what the playground says.

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