Monday, March 23, 2009

How to get free furniture

Today we answer a query from long time reader, contributor and one of the first ever readers of the Freebie-Man book: pgaleota who asks:

"OK so I need some gorgeous free furniture... I am hopefully buying a house and will need some bits, I LOVE Laura Ashley, how can I get some??"

There are two options here, the first is simple and the other, well lets say it involves getting your hands dirty.

Option 1: Free Furniture at Freecycle
The simplest option is to join Freecycle a series of local communities that are giving away products they no longer need. Depending on your location some of the groups are stronger than others, but the rule is simple, everything is free if you can collect it. A novel idea, one that cuts down on landfill waste in a great way and after chatting with the UK owner on BBC Radio 5 Live I'm convinced of the merits of the service. The only downside is that an active community can leave you flooded with numerous emails every day, but that does mean more free stuff up for grabs.

Option 2: Free Furniture on the Scrounge!
The rather clever Emily Ryan furnished her Manhattan apartment in nothing but free furniture. The way she did it? Well it involved getting her hands dirty. Mainly by looking for Grade A furniture in skips, dumpsters and randomly outside apartments in the city. You'd be surpised how well this worked with Emily grabbing a free "desk, filing cabinet, TV and decorative mirror" according to the folks at USA Today.

So whilst there are certainly ways to get new furniture for free, who not do a little recycling of your own and give these options a chance?


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  2. Anonymous9:55 pm

    thanks a lot !

  3. Anonymous9:55 pm

    no really ! thannks a lot !

  4. I will make sure and bookmark this page, I will come back to follow you more.

  5. I will make sure and bookmark this page, I will come back to follow you more.

  6. We love freecycle here!
    I got an exercise machine and when I upgraded I put the old one back on freecycle! And I've got rid of a million plants from my garden - so simple and amazing that people take so much junk off your hands!

  7. Freecycle is a great resource for goods.

    My local groups (Cambridge & Peterborough) have pretty much furnish my new flat, from a cooker to a mop and everything in between.

  8. Thanks, very informational!


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