Tuesday, March 10, 2009

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How to get free drink / booze

Today we turn our attention to Marc Reeves who didn't ask for much:

"Eternal happiness? World peace? Lifetime supply of Guinness? Up for all of that..."

For Eternal Happiness and World Peace I suggest Yoga, and for the really interesting question "how to get free booze" lets evaluate a few things Marc could try:

Start a drinking club
Back in my University days we started a club called "The Extreme Ironing society". Extreme Ironing involves people trying to iron in extreme places like halfway up a mountain, but for us it was an excuse to fill a dingy room and play drinking games. We went so far as to get shirts printed for all the members, and appear at open day fairs.

The point is that starting a club around booze is possible, and if done in the right way can become quite a presence. So Marc could try and get a few likeminded people together and form a small club around his favourite drink. To combat the negative view towards drinking, Marc would need to pitch the club as a tasters society similar to a Wine tasting club.

After a few meetings Marc would then need to contact the marketing and PR agencies of various drinks and explain the benefits of the club. This could include increased brand awareness in a key target market and gaining prestige at a known club. The goal being to show ways that the club allows the drink company to beat the competition and to help Marc raise awareness for his club.

This worked especially well when Coors were persuaded to send 4 free pints and 4 free cans to every member of student accomodation in my University. - See how this was done here

Marc could even piggyback off the existing Guiness drinkers society on Facebook.

Visit Everyone
The cheekier option is to arrange work meetings at a local bar or restaurant rather than in the office. This is a nice way to make a meeting seem less official so good for new clients and the bill will either go on your company card on the clients. Naturally if it's going on your card/ expenses check with managers first, but explain how you would like to meet the client in a relaxed setting, or pitch it as a reward for a client who has been good to you all year.

Or accept any offers from companies who want your business, make sure to meet them and expect them to roll out the red carpet and pay for your expenses. If they want your business they will, and if they don't then you can simply go elsewhere.

If all else fails you could always sign this petition Free Alcohol for the thirsty.


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