Saturday, February 25, 2012

How to Get a Free Car (Five Easy Solutions)

Fancy saving yourself thousands on a new car? Well you could try and get your next car for free.

In this guide I look at five solutions that anyone can try, and how they could be used to get a free car, including one method that may even make you a profit.

1 - Review a Car
In several car magazines, the editors are given cars for a period of time in order to road test them and to offer their feedback. They either get a free car for a long period (e.g. a year) to really get to grips with it, or swap the car regularly for whatever the new one is they are reviewing.

It's a very effective way of getting a free car. To get started on this route you should first start a blog about cars, and reguarly discuss new models and your opinions. As the blog grows you can start to build this up and test drive various cars. If this works, the final step is to approach a motoring magazine and start as a freelancer, or if your own blog is a success you may be able to get free cars to review on there.

This is a long term option, but well worth it if you get a new car every year.

2 - Get a Company Car 
Although you'll still have to pay tax, insurance and petrol, the easiest way to get a free car is to convince your employer to give you one. They will only do this if you can prove a legitimate reason for them to do so - which most likely revolves around you needing it for frequent meetings.

So try to find ways to make your job lead to lots of travelling - e.g. client meetings, sales meetings, conferences, networking- anything you can do that means you clock up a lot of miles. Of course, if we're being honest and fair, you should also find ways to use this to make more money for the company as well (then everybody wins!).

Then approach your employer in a logical way and ask if you can have a company car, as you are doing a lot of travelling for the business. I've known people I worked with at prior jobs get company cars, when they travelled only around 30 miles a week for business so this is something it's worth trying. It won't work in every company, and don't take advantage of your employers kindness or you may regret it.

3. Competitions
The easy option is to enter every competiton you see where you can win a car. If they're free to enter you really do have nothing to lose and everything to gain. A quick Google search for "win free car" will point you in the right direction. Alternatively bookmark and reguarly check places that are known to give away free cars, such as big TV shows and national newspapers.

4. Flip Cars
By buying and selling second hand cars, it is possible to make a profit from each car, and therefore you can buy a car, drive it for a short time and then sell it for a profit. During this time you get the car for free, and are compensated for your time by the profit made at the end. It works great, if you can understand what cars sell well, and haggle down prices. The guys at Get Rich Slowly have a quick bulletpointed list on how to do this.

5. Corporate Sponsorship
Which brings me on to the final option of sponsorship, or in other words getting paid to drive a car, or have various logos on your car. Chris and used to follow the lives of two students who you could sponsor by giving them a product which they would show on TV shows.

In the Corporation movie they did this to such an extent they got a BMW. Not a bad option for a small logo here and there. You can do the same by offering to drive a car with corporate branding on it.

I'd love to hear your views in the comments, especially if you have any other ideas.


  1. Of course getting a company car does rather depend on your job role withing the company. I don't know any shop assistants for example who qualify for such things. I like the idea of car flipping. My son used to buy and sell vans on eBay which gave him some additional transport when needed.

  2. i would love a free vehicle any one ot there offering ??

  3. Anonymous5:02 pm

    if you cant afford a fucking car, walk!

  4. Anonymous10:19 pm

    I have no legs... I can't walk... IE I need a car

  5. Anonymous4:45 am

    I got to drive a free humvee for a 36 wks

  6. Anonymous8:57 pm

    i would like a free unicycle to save on punctures also

  7. Anonymous9:00 pm

    i would like a free unicycle to cut down on punctures

  8. Anonymous6:31 pm

    i am really interested in this would love to test drive cars for companys like bmw ect ??

  9. Anyone in luton have a spare car need something for a few week. Would love a free car with tax and MOT. No matter what condition as long as it drives. And can get me to work and back for month. Just started working two weeks ago. Wana keep working . Anyobe in the world care to help a guy down on his luck


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