Wednesday, February 18, 2009

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How to see movies for free

So there are obviously tons of ways to see movies illegally, but what about ways to see movies for free that won't land you a spell in the nick? Even better what about ways to get free tickets that give you exclusive chances to speak to film makers, see films months before your friends and influence the next big blockbuster?

But Why?

All of these things are posisble and they are made so thanks to preview screenings that are arranged by all of the big UK film distributors. These preview screenings are a way of the distributors to collect feedback on films, try out alternate endings and plan their marketing strategies. They are in every way legal, and as mentioned above you get to watch a whole movie for free and fill in a short survey at the end (which then goes on to make the film even better so if you ever see it again, you can say "I made that scene").

Of course some of these screenings are for films already in the bag, in which case companies show them to you for free in the hope you will share the experience with your friends, come back again at full price or pick them up later on DVD. As for the cinemas they are happy to put on these free screenings and charge for popcorn, drinks etc in the hope this will make back the revenue they lost by showing the film (oh and if the film companies are collecting data they will usually pay the cinema for the privilege).

So How?

With the why out of the way, it is remarkably simple for you to get started on a sea of free films. All of the below have been checked, verified and are scam free. They also represent some of the leading distributors in the UK, so you won't be seeing any old tat.

Momentum Screenings Club: A quick sign up to see previews up and down the country for Momentum.

Screen Hosted by The Times this site includes codes to see recent films such as Confessions of a Shopaholic and Bolt.

See Film More free films here, recently included Slumdog Millionaire, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Sex Drive, Valkyrie, Bride Wars, most shown before their official release.

Love Partnering with various distributors Love Film is a  good place to check for free screenings. Currently giving away tickets for Surveillance until March 1st.

Sky Perks: Sky customers should also keep an eye on their Sky Magazine as previous sky perks have include free cinema tickets

Anymore for anymore? If so share them below and let me know how you find the screenings above.

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