Friday, January 16, 2009

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Catcha Beast / Swarm

Two new additions to the auction couresy of Bandai and Revell:

Catcha Beast: Reel It In!
First we have the clearly Pokemon inspired Catcha Beast: Reel It In! which if it was a jingle would sound almost identical to the end lyrics to said theme song "Catch Em All: Pokemon". It even comes in Red and Blue versions, both of which are required to catch 'em all.

What does make it unique (and has led to 1.5 million sales in Asia since 2006) is that rather than providing a built in world to walk around, you scan the device around in a 360 degree motion, as if the creature was in your own home, park or anywhere you visit.

This gives you over 100 beasts to capture (either with both versions of the game, or by trading with friends) by reeling them in, with the reel on the side of the unit. Quite a tricky task, but one that is down to your own actions and not a random roll of the dice, so it they do get away you feel less cheated than over games of the genre. Once you have them you can battle against friends, or just marvell at your collection. Value: £19.99

You can catch this in the BlagBack auction. Thanks Bandai!

Swarm - Flying bugs!
Remote control helicopters are one thing, but a remote control bug? Now that's sure to give little boys everyone a fantastic change to 'bug' their parents and siblings. Complete with two counter rotating blades that keep it airborne the Swarm is a rather unique distration for a quiet Friday afternoon.

You can be up and flying within moments of removing it from the box, and the remote control recharges the Swarm through a simple connection. LED's even let you know when it's all charged up and ready to go. Watch out family, there's a Swarm coming! Value: £24.99

You can catch this in the BlagBack auction. Thanks Revell!

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