Friday, January 09, 2009

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BlagBack Day 8: Eddingtons We Salute You!

Today we salute Eddingtons who have provided more than their fair share of products for us to review over the years, many of which will now be joining the other products in our charity auction. Here's a quick roundup of a very small selection of what they have to offer (don't forget all this and more can be yours at the end of the month so keep em peeled).

The Diablo

In essence ‘The Diablo’ is a toaster which you place on the hob to create all manner of creations. More than just a humble sandwich toaster it also allows you the pleasure of using rye, pita breads, tortillas and pastry to create even more advanced creations than I ever thought possible as a child. To get your mind flowing a list of recipes is included that teach you how to make pizza, burittos, and even apple pies. Full Review

Rub Away

Sometimes it’s easy to be a cynic and with the Rub-Away I’ve got to admit I had my doubts. A bar that can take away bad odors from your hands including onion, garlic and diesel oil smells? At first I thought it wasn't working, but on adding a little soap was pleased with the results. The ideal way to remove smells from your hands before a romantic meal. Full Review

And not forgetting the Squirrel Nut Cracker acquired on Day One:

Squirrel Nut Cracker

Life is strangely poetic at times. After seeing the Nutcracker ballet I was chuffed when a mere few days later an actual Nutcracker should pop through the door from Eddingtons. Even better I’d missed out on buying a Nutcracker at the show so this product was already in my good books on arrival. Full Review

And some brand new products as well:

Mu Products

A couple of interesting items here. First the Mu Cloth which is a two in one dish cloth. Comprising of a dishcloth with a built it scrubber it allows you to wash your dishes and then get stuck in to the tough bits without the need to switch back and forth. Also rather neat is Mu Bamboo a dishcloth made 80% from natural bamboo. It feels the same as a normal dishcloth but is an interesting gift for a fan of eco friendly products.

Compost Pail

Eddingtons also provided a rather neat kit to make your own compost, unfortunately that's exactly what we did prior to starting this auction. It turned out great, although you do have to decide when to stop adding in food, and when to wait for it to turn (otherwise you get compost at the bottom and leftover veg on top getting in the way). Oh and a smell filter stopped our kitchen spelling disgusting as well.

The only health and safety question is whether we can give it away now. Let us know in the comments, do you want to also win the compost we made? Perhaps not...

Thanks Eddingtons!

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