Monday, January 05, 2009

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BlagBack Day 4: Something Old, Something New

Whilst I continue to encourage PR companies to donate their unwanted product samples to our charity auction, one of the problem with donating many of my own free products is that well, you wouldn’t want them. For example the simplehuman bin has been filled with rubbish for over a year and as for any cosmetics they’re either used up completely or way past their open dates. Food is no better, again either consumed or past its date (in some cases before we’d even had chance to eat them).

Although that rules two categories out of our past glory days it still leaves many more, and it is from these we will draw today’s additions to the auction:

The Good Book

Eventually we were always going to receive ‘The Good Book’ to review, but this isn’t it. Someone’s cut a ruddy big hole in the middle of it, and smuggled inside a hip flask. Very sneaky! Of course the first clue that something isn’t quite right is the Latin inscription on the front “Cogito Sumere Potum Alterum” which when translated actually says “I think I’ll have another drink”! Thanks Suck UK

Type and Write Pad

Whilst it won’t tuck in your shirt for you the Type and Write stand will help you sit up straight and write better by giving you a writing stand that will allow you to write in a way that has the best effect on your back. You can also position a laptop on the stand to give yourself an elevated position for typing out emails, drawing pie charts etc. Thanks Thinking

The Quadrilateral

This tricky puzzle had us baffled on review, so much so we couldn’t even complete it. The basic premise is simple. Four rings are connected by a range of colored strings and your goal is to free them from the other rings. But the strings are too short to make it easy for you, good luck. Thanks The Mad Cow

Turtle Bags

Corporate Social Responsibility is everywhere these days. It concerns the onus placed on companies to act in an Environmentally and Ethically sound way, and in no bigger area has this affected the consumer recently than with plastic bags. Here's Solution Number One... Thanks Turtle Bags

Today sees the first day back to work for many PR firms, here’s hoping they will join us in the donations. Who will be first?


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