Tuesday, January 27, 2009

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BlagBack Day 25: Toys!

Today we add a selection of toys to the auction stash. Not long left now until we start the ball rolling so get those bidding fingers ready:

Lost: The Game

Not wanting to leave us hanging for 6 months the creators of the show have put together a Lost board game which revolves around key characters and events from the show itself. Rather than create a standard board game with set events such as “Go straight down the hatch, do not pass Go” they’ve opted to include a board which you build yourself from assorted tiles. Each of these tiles are laid face down on the board in a 4 x 4 grid, and they each contain a different location from the show. Review. Thanks re:creation


Rather than watering down the TV show Upstarts have decided to make the board game as faithful as they could, in fact the only real thing missing is the spelling round and celebrity bit for charity, which you can always recreate if you manage to grab Pat Sharp for a quick game. As the game is so faithful it takes a little bit of time to familiarise yourself with the rules the first time around but once you work out how much money to award for each round you’ll be sorted. All you need to do then is find a nail to hang up the darts board and you’re good to go. Review. Thanks Upstarts

Finger Beats Mixer
Words really can't describe the Finger Beats Mixer (and neither can a video or image doh). It's a quirky touch sensitive beat box which has a mixture of different tracks that you can layer on top of each other.Essentially there's a mixture of up tempo electro pop such as clicking fingers, a tap of a drum, piano keys and cymbols. There's eight in all and there's a few different ways you can mash them together in order to create some sort of music.

Zing – Launch Your Lunch by Fred
My inner child and inner adult really can’t decide where to place this. On the one hand it’s the most pointless product we’ve ever reviewed, on the other it’s a marvel of fun, mess and carnage. One thing is certain it’s effective at what it aims to do, catapulting lunch far across the room. In essence its the head of a spoon with a bendy handle and it works for anything from mayonnaise to dirt. There’s an art to finding food that is runny enough to rest on the spoon (grapes are a no-no) but not too sticky that it sticks to the spoon altogether. Review Thanks Kim and Jason.

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