Thursday, December 18, 2008

Squirrel Nut Cracker Review

Where can I buy one? Eddingtons
I'm in the blagback auction.

Life is strangely poetic at times. After seeing the Nutcracker ballet on Saturday I was chuffed when a mere few days later an actual Nutcracker should pop through the door from Eddingtons. Even better I’d missed out on buying a Nutcracker at the show so this product was already in my good books on arrival.

Although it doesn’t match the toy soldier nut cracker of the show, it instead takes the shape of a silver squirrel whose mouth is ready for some serious biting. You simply pop in the nut (in to a rather large cavity which is a relief for big brazil nuts) move the squirrels tail to apply force and voila the nut is cracked. Any bits left inside the mouth can be swept out or pushed down to fall out of the backside of the squirrel in a rather amusing touch.

The squirrel nut cracker also seriously packs the cute chic factor, with a nice stainless steel shine that will make it fit in with any other appliances you have to offer (well unless they’re white). It comes well packaged and would make an excellent gift for anyone that is in need of a unique touch for their kitchen.

Oh and it works well too. We tried it on a bag of almonds, brazil nuts and monkey nuts, all of which were quickly crushed under its mighty jaws. Cleaning was as simple as sticking a finger in the mouth (don’t worry it’s not sharp in any way) and flicking the excess bits away. Handy and effective.

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