Wednesday, December 17, 2008

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Nordman Christmas Tree and Wreath Review

Where to buy Christmas trees: Turf and – Supplier of real Christmas trees with free delivery.

It wouldn’t be Christmas without a Christmas tree review and what better than a real Christmas tree once again provided by the excellently named Turf and This year they’ve gone one better by also including a Christmas wreath for review alongside a 6ft Nordman Christmas tree.

Nordman Fir Christmas Tree
Ordering a Christmas Tree online may seem as safe as asking someone to carry a pottery collection to you on a bicycle, after all these are delicate items, they should be worn down very quickly by a van journey halfway across Britain. Testing this to the extreme I missed the delivery of my tree twice, picked it up from a depo, shoved it in my car and then drove home, so if anything was going to damage the tree that journey should have done it.

And yet rather miraculously on opening the tree I found not one damaged branch, and not a single dropped needle. This is somewhat down to doubled up packaging which first wraps the tree in mesh and then seals it in a plastic bag. As the bag can only be opened by cutting it to it, any tree damage would be immediately obvious, and despite the hundreds of miles travelled the tree looked as good as the day it was chopped with no needles in the bag at all.

The vacuum seal of the plastic bag also helped keep the scent of the tree intact, a fact my cats rather enjoyed by the way they huddled under it once it had been set up. The needles were healthy, green and vibrant and as for the branches they were nothing but nice and crisp and even. In terms of longevity, the tree has been chopped down for over a week and shows no signs of ageing, and the Norman fir tree we received last year, (also from Turf and stayed green long up to the 6th January end date so there’s no reason not to expect this year’s trees to last as long.

Holly Wreath
If delivering a tree seems a tough job then delivering a wreath seems like a statistical impossibility. After all they are in essence just flowers held together with wire, one drop and you’d expect them to shatter in a sea of beads and green leafs. It’s rather clever then that Turf and hid the wreath inside our tree and covered it in bubble wrap. This allowed the tree to shelter the wreath and made everything tight and compact for transport. It also looked like a rather festive present tucked beneath the branches of our tree.

Even without the packaging it is clear the wreath is very well made, and it made our ASDA £7 wreath look an absolute shambles. The solidity of the wreath can similarly be felt with a quick touch as it’s very sharp, so keeping it away from children is advised. Other than that it’s the perfect decoration for any door which an owner can display proudly for all to see.

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