Monday, December 08, 2008

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eJay Virtual Sounds 1-3 Review

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There used to be a point where every video game included a sound test mode where you could listen to second long sound clips from the game. So you’d hear Sonic grab a ring, a car crash, a basketball bounce or Mario go “hoo-hoo I got it”. Playing Virtual Sounds is almost exactly the same experience, a sequence of sound clips you can play one by one.

Each of these packages includes 25,000 royalty free wav samples - which is great news for any aspiring video maker, or music maker - and these are broken down in to categories such as Techno, Garage, HipHop across three packages and six disks. You can grab a short 3-10 second long clip, give it a quick listen and import it in to any music software you like. Should you compose an instant dance classic you won’t even have to pay any royalties.

It will take a while to find the best songs on each collection and even split into sub categories most folders contain over a hundred samples. There’s also no real indication of what samples go well together or any user comments/ reviews so each CD can be a little overwhelming and you will still have to rely on extra software to alter the clips in any way. For those who have mastered music software like eJay it’s the logical step up, and like the sound tests of old it really just serves to make you hanker more for the real game underneath.

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