Tuesday, December 02, 2008

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Donating unwanted press samples to charity

Through this site I’ve been able to get a ridiculous amount of products for free, all by offering a product review, yet it occurred to me that a lot of the products I have sitting around serve no purpose now they’ve been reviewed. So rather than keeping them for the next photo opportunity I’ve instead decided to auction off a selection of the products to charity.

Which also got me thinking about the number of companies that also have products sitting around waiting for a journalist to review them, or a competition to enter. To this end I am also encouraging every company and PR agency in the land to get rid of the old stock they have sitting around. What’s more I’ll even give you the PR coverage you crave by showing off the products here to over 30,000 visitors.

So far we’ve been featured on BBC Radio 5Live, BBC News, USA Today, ABC News and the Times but we need help spreading the word as well. Blog about us, twitter about us and tell the world, or even contact a company telling them what we’re up to.

The auction is currently set for the end of January to give us as much chance to get products in as possible.

I’ll be running updates on the tally and products received very soon and you can follow me on twitter for live updates.

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