Friday, November 21, 2008

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Suck UK Cat Playhouse - Fire Engine

I've been sneaking pictures of my cats in to product reviews to see if anyone would notice and send them a product to review, and voila today we have the first product for them to test: a cat playhouse! Not just any cat playhouse, one made entirely from cardboard that resembles a fire engine. There's even pictures of cats all over the house and spilt milk all over the floor inside.

Inside we were greeted with the ultimate in flat pack cat furniture, a thin envelope containing all the pieces we would need to make the cat house. There's no need for any tools and you can pop all of the pieces together in under ten minutes. As it's cardboard some edges don't quite feel perforated enough to slot in to place and the ladder seems like a rather odd creation (in essence you have to fit a square in to a circular hole) but you'll get there in the end and once assembled the whole thing is sturdy. The only oversight at this stage is that one wheel is bent by default so it can't hold the same weight as the others. We found this getting bent during playtime and ruining the design a tad.

Once we'd set it up we actually didn't expect the cats to go anywhere near the truck, and yet to our surprise Pepper and Breena took alternate turns to jump through the hole and have a wonder around inside. Ingeniously there are flaps that you can lift up around the edges so there's a lot of potential to annoy your cat whilst they're in there. For example:


And even just left to their own devices cat carnage can ensue:

At £15 the cat fire engine is no cheap cat toy, but it is guaranteed to cause a stir next time you have the family around and our cats still jump in for the occasional play when we're around. Construction problems aside their house is still up and still staying together well. For those who want more you can even get a cat tank and cat plane to complete the set.

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