Saturday, November 15, 2008

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Parissa Wax Strips, Hot Wax, Azuene Oil & Warm Wax Review

For the second of my 'unusual Christmas Gifts' I turn to Parissa and their range of waxing products which I was thankfully assured on arrival are for men and women despite the prevalence of women on the boxes, joy! I was also encouraged by the PR spiel to try a "boyzillian" which I'm not quite sure what that means but given my rule to try anything I'm sent it seems I will have to oblige my anonymous donors once again.

You may wonder why I am doing this. Especially given that there's an untold story behind my previous review of Veet for Men wax strips. Last time I waxed my leg in the name of reviews I didn't quite finish the job, I waxed a strip on my leg, wussed out and decided not to wax any further. Whilst this negated any more pain it did mean every time I went swimming for three whole months people thought my leg had been prepared for an operation. When the hair eventually grew back I felt somewhat relieved to be back in my ape like state purely so people would stop asking me my hospital date.

So Parissa's arrival on my desk signaled one of two things; 1 - PR reps have an odd idea of what constitutes a Christmas gift and 2 - a chance to finish the job and wax and entire area. It also gave me an opportunity to review some proper waxing in the form of their hot warm; no pre created strips here, the real hardcore waxing deal just like in a salon. Easy to prepare (two minutes in the microwave does it) and apply all it leaves is for you to find a willing accomplice to help with the tearing.

As usual Marie was on hand to supervise my challenge, making sure to apply the wax thoroughly and leave no hair unattended. Not quite sure what to expect she ripped the strip off and I winced just like before. Looking down on my leg tiny specs of blood signaled that "yes that did hurt" followed by a rather unusual feeling of "hmm they did work rather well", and "let's do some more!". But first the results:


Edged on by a somewhat bizarre fixation (is that what masochists feel?) we continued until my back became the source of a much heated debate. One flip over on to my back, and it became the latest target in our reign of waxing. Unlike the veet strips, I felt somewhat more attached to these (perhaps because a - they worked better and b - I wanted to atone for my wussiness last time around) and there was no blood this time around. We went for the wax strips on my back and they were as effective as the hot wax, although I must admit we struggled with some of the finer contours of my back. Well I say we, Marie tore the strips off like it was Christmas, reappling them to get every last bit of hair. If I didn't know better I'd swear it had something to do with me seeing the lads the night before.

And then relief came. it was over. My back was as smooth as the day I was born (perhaps smoother given the lack of birth fluids etc) and Parissa had been thoughtful enough to include some relaxing oil to soothe my back (another thing I can be annoyed at Veet for not doing...). The Azulene Oil was rather soothing, and by that point the shock of each strip had faded so the whole thing was relaxing too. Had there been a back massage thrown in as well I felt I might have drifted off to sleep in my living room floor there and then. Although you probably can't beat a professional, for a use at home kit I doubt there's anything much better than this. It's far cheaper than a salon and it actually made for a rather fun night... although maybe I need to get out more...

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