Monday, November 10, 2008

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Little Hands Card Holder - Gamewright

Last week you had our guide to getting Christmas for free, and now we commence our own attempt, starting first with small gifts and working our way up. So to start the ball rolling, here's our first mystery product, very nicely wrapped up by Gamewright:

It's a card holder! But not just any card holder, one made specifically for the ages of 3 and above, allowing them to grip the cards with minimum effort, as well as fan them out without having to grow adult sized hands overnight.

But first a slight diversion:

Since I joined twitter last week I've been inundated with search engine tips, people's dinner plans and interesting coupons, but my favourite link was to a site called Kids Know Stuff which is a site of reviews by kids for kids. It's a bit cheesy "Pokemon Colleseum is so cool!", out of date and needs an adult to perhaps monitor it more, but it gets its point across well; 'adults, you really don't know how to review a product for kids'.

Which is why some of you may be looking at this thinking 'What's the point?' or 'What a waste of money!'. Without my own young able helper I too am a little lost in guiding you, but having held the device and played around with it I can clearly tell you that it work as an effective card holder at the very least.

It only takes a second with the device to see that there's a nice firm slot to shove the cards in to and that it can easily accomodate up to seven cards. The grip is strong enough to keep the cards it, but doesn't cause the cards to all come tumbling out as you try to remove one. Other than that there's not really much else to test.

So for parents wondering, why not give it a go? It clearly works, is easy to hold and if you really want to teach your child Poker at the age of three (or happy families) this is the way to do it.

P.S Jack Daniels cards in a childrens device? It'll help your grip at the poker table if you've had a few too many (but I didn't tell you that...). Adults Know Stuff too.

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