Thursday, November 27, 2008

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DKNY and Tommy Hilfiger Range

The best Christmas presents are often the most unexpected, so when a bumper box of treats arrived from DKNY and Tommy Hilfiger we were more than a little eager to see what surprises lay in store. With the wrapping out of the way we discovered an aftershave, two lip glosses, perfume and body lotion. So let’s get to it:

Tommy Hilfiger Dreaming: So this is quite cool, a combination perfume and lip gloss in one. The ideal handbag companion, or even pocket companion if you want to travel light. The lip gloss is a very strong pillar-box red which has the strongest colour we have seen in a long time. On the other hand the perfume is rather understated and we struggled to find a single tone that truly embodied the scent. It’s closest companion is a strawberry shot of alcohol which does at least act as a compliment to the lip gloss.

DKNY Twilight: Here we have a rather shocking lip gloss that looks more akin to eye shadow or nail varnish thanks to its strong silver colour. However this is only an illusion and on application the silver vanishes away leaving only a glittery sparkle on your lips. The sparkle can’t be seen in direct light but is there to dazzle people if you catch the light in just the right way.

DKNY Pink Lady: On the other hand the Pink Lady lip gloss does embody its strong shocking pink colour all the way to the lips. Possibly a little strong for some but no one could accuse you of being understated with this lip gloss. Oh and it does have a delicious taste of sweets so anyone the lips attract with be in for an extra treat.

DKNY Be Delicious Men: Finally a DKNY I can use! Arriving in the same stylish applicator as the other apple products in the range this time the bottle embodies a golden brown (which rather unfortunately resembles a rotten apple this time around but that doesn’t impact on the scent). Although a very manly scent it embodies a clean, crisp tone rather than that of a butch musky scent. The usual hues of apple, cucumber are there the same as in the female equivalent but wearing it just makes you feel clean. Very different to the rest of the aftershaves out right now.

DKNY Body Lotion: We finish off with body lotion of the best possible kind. Designed for every day use it has the perfect consistency, thin enough to spread, thick enough to rub in easily. It’s not quite thick enough to target dry skin, but is more of an all over fragrance to give your body a scent of apple, cucumber and on this occasion even a little mango.

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