Sunday, October 05, 2008

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How to get free stuff for October 2008

Bloomin eck is it that time of the month again? Well then we’d better get right to it, here’s the best freebies you can get for October 2008, scam free and just for you.

Although before we do that I may as well plug our Facebook experiment The ‘Join This Group, Get Free Stuff Challenge’. Letting you take on the shoes of Freebie-man for a day it means you can approach companies asking for free stuff and in return offer to talk about it in the Facebook group. There’s full details on this ambitious experiment here so why not give it a go?

Free Books
If Amazon Search Inside wasn’t enough for you last month we’ve also discovered that self publisher website lets users upload their own books for free. Visit to see some of the best that from the world’s up and coming authors.

Free Software
Whatever happened to shareware? Free software by companies is slowly being killed off as bedroom coders are realising they can make a quick quid by releasing new pay for versions of their software, Not to fear Old lists all of their free versions before they sold out and started to charge. Almost identical functionality and no need to pay anyone.

Free Cosmetics~
Do these need any introduction?
Johnson’s Dreamy Skin
Olay Total Effects 7 in 1
Rimmel Lipstick

Free Stuff for Dogs
Last but not least we have free stuff for dogs. Some Free Food and a mysterious Poo Pack can be yours right here.

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