Wednesday, October 29, 2008

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Crunchy Nut Bites Review

On receiving this latest freebie I couldn't help but feel a little like one of those Crunchy Nut addicts Kellogg's are keen to show in their advertising. First a solitary card pops through my door, giving me a date and time for a secret rendezvous in order to get my precious box for testing. Then on arrival at the address, I'm asked for my card as some sort of obscure security test, and as if that isn't enough I also have to prove my address with a bill. Quite a lot of security for a box of cereal.

With box in hand I strolled away from the rendezvous point, keeping my head down and an eye-line fixed to the sky for snipers, police helicopters or undercover agents designed to stop this smuggling of boxed cereals across the Telford border. With my cereal wrapped in plain brown paper tied up with string, the whole thing was very well hidden but then I saw it. The right hand corner of the packaging was torn, exposing the orange box lid and worst of all a glimpse of a Crunchy Nut logo.

This was all that was required for paranoia to really sink in. I dashed to my car clutching the box to my chest, and hugging closely to the outline of the building so as to remain as hidden as possible. Car in sight, I winced as I saw a group of children in hoodies, clearly out to get my precious cargo. As they became distracted by conversations of Powerpuff Girls and Power Rangers (one assumes) I strolled past them, one finger over the crunchy nut logo with a melancholy grin. Obstacles avoided I disappeared in to my car, and in to the morning amber.

Quite the journey for a post office pick up.

Normally I'm not quite so afraid of the post office, but the way everything came packaged and the addictive nature of the cereal can make you feel a little protective. Especially when you find you're being sent a brand new flavour before it's even released on the unsuspecting public.

The new flavour in question is Crunchy Nut Bites - Nuts and Caramel. A hard cereal which hovers between breakfast bar and breakfast cereal thanks to its gooey, chewy, pieces of stuck together nuts and oats. This texture makes it ideal for eating with or without milk, as a light snack or a way to start your day. Personally I preferred it as a snack; the caramel flavour is very strong, and can seep out in to the milk making the whole thing rather sickly if enjoyed for breakfast. From a man who only till a few months ago woke up to Coco Pops/ Wheetos, it is especially worrying just how strong the caramel flavour is.

As a snack though, there are no real problems, everything stays together well in your hand, and there's no logical reason to end until you've finished the whole box. Which is great news for those addicted to the brand, who now find themselves with a whole new dimension of taste to enjoy.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love these things!!! Mind you cannot have more than one bowl as your mouth starts to ache with the chewing!

11:00 PM


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