Tuesday, October 21, 2008

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£100 Worth of Anthony Sport

It may not look it but this is nearly £100 worth of male grooming products, ranging from Shaving Cream to Spot Cream. But in a market so crowded do Anthony Sport have what it takes to stand out from the crowd?

Seven different product types graced my desk three weeks ago, and now with some proper testing out of the way I feel I can really dissect what they’re all about. I do feel that perhaps a few months testing is required to fully get a handle on whether these will suit your particular skin type (as any changes in the early stages are likely from switching to a new brand) but at the very least I can assess these products on texture, usability and the fact my face hasn’t ballooned up twice the size yet.

Foaming Face Clenser: This white cream is simple in its use and very easy to use in order to get an initial lather going. It’s also a very big bottle where you really only need one tiny spray for your entire face. After use my face felt a little tender to touch, but it was akin to a little tingling after brushing your teeth so didn’t seem to have any long lasting effects. Good Value and effective.

Face Scrub: Ironically this is the only product in the range to have an “easy open” tab and was actually the hardest of the seven to open. Niggles aside it is one of the least rough face scrubs I have used in a long time, it doesn’t clog up the face or beard like other products do and was very easy to wash off after use. Other products seem to get bits stuck between your fingers, stubble and hair so this was a refreshing change. Oh and it also softens the skin for shaving, giving me the nicest stubble I’ve ever known.

Aftershave Repair: Sadly I wasn’t quite as satisfied with this product. It’s soapy smell was an immediate turn off for a product that really should be fragrance free or paired with a good men’s fragrance. Likewise I’m no eco warrior but the ingredients list which goes on to two columns on the back of the packet was a little off putting too.

Spot Cream: One of the hardest products to assess was the spot cream. Over my teenage years I probably tried a hundred of these and was just one of those poor saps for whom they never worked. These days I’m finally breaking free of breaking out so although the Anthony Sport range did make my face clearer I can’t guarantee if it will work for you. What I can say is if you’re a teenager looking for another option this is certainly easy to apply and quick to use. Oh and it doesn’t bleach every blue item of clothing you have like some other creams do.

Lip Balm SPF-15: For years I’ve been a constant thief of other people’s lip balms, never having one on me when it’s actually required. This sample was easy to apply and extend from its cocoon and is incredibly thick and long lasting. It’s very easy to apply too much first time around and feel like you’ve just applied some sort of clown makeup, but you’ll appreciate the thickness when your lips feel fresh in the sun hours later.

Hand Cream: With summer sadly fading away another product we’ll need in our arsenal is hand cream. It offers a slight lemony smell (which could be from the sea kelp extract – yum!) but suffers from the opposite problem of the lip balm it’s not thick enough. Whilst it is long lasting its runny texture means it flows from the bottle with no regard for how much you want to put on. A shame as it actually works well and a slight tweak to the bottle could make it great.

Astringent: To round things off we have this toner. It’s worth highlighting here that the Anthony Sport range is designed for all skin types so there’s no need for levels 1-4 or different options for sensitive skin. This isn’t a particular down fall for this toner, as you might expect and on my sensitive skin it didn’t cause any redness or sore spots.

Whilst the rather plain packaging and high cost will cause people to pass these by when placed alongside Clinique and Hugo Boss Skin there are a few good eggs hidden amongst this range of products. I’ll certainly be bringing the face scrub and lip balm in to my routine. What’s more the money they donate from each bottle to prostate cancer research is a good goal and will certainly attract the charitable consumer.

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