Friday, September 12, 2008

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Hear Your Body Talking CD - Dr. Doris Jeanette

How Much: $29.99 (approx £18)
Where can I buy one: Dr

I wouldn’t really consider myself to be much of a sceptic, and I can wholeheartedly see the benefit for numerous people of the likes of Stop Smoking, Slimming and new age thinking books and CD’s. So when this new CD arrived from Dr Doris Jeanette I was actually rather interested in checking it out.


The main focus of this particular CD is on “hearing your body talk” which doesn’t mean stuffing yourself until your stomach starts to grumble. Instead it focuses on 55 minutes of new thinking designed to let you love your body and take better care of it. A little less mind over matter, and more body over mind.


The three principles behind this are that your body grounds your energy, can sense reality and is the way we meet our needs (by literally dragging us along to them). Without the body everything is merely imaginat...**It’s difficult to hear you, can you turn up your phone??***** ...ion.

What really lets the CD down is that it’s recorded directly from a teleseminar so as with this review you get constant interruptions, coughing, and a beep whenever new people join. There’s even interruptions where the speaker has to stop for people to turn off the sound coming down the phone.

All of these are pitfalls of any teleconference and destined to happen but shouldn’t be on a professional CD. What makes these interruptions worse is that 80% come in quiet moments where they could have been cut out of the audio without disrupting any of the flow of the presentation. Five minutes with a free piece of editing software such as Audacity would have made a world of difference.

Coming back to the main context of the presentation there are some strong points on letting the body rest if it needs too, and generally not overtaking your body when it says you should stop. Not much use for professional athletes or extremely busy CEO’s, but these are helpful tips for those of us who need to slow down the pace of life a little.

There are potential tips and tricks in the CD everyone can take away, it’s just a shame they’re presented in such a way as to be off putting. Case in point: One segment asks the user to relax, you’ve just taken on all the tips and are feeling really refreshed at which point “**PRESENTATION MODE ENABLED**” booms out your speakers, completely removing your refreshed mind.

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