Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Free stuff for September 2008

Rule number 3 of becoming a blagger; Companies want you to have stuff for free. Not only that but it can be yours in little more than a few clicks of the mouse. This month proves it as we go global with free TV Shows, Music, Food and even celebrities in the UK and USA.

Free Cosmetics
Searching for a brand name and the words “free sample” is a great way to see if you can get a sneak peak of a product. This month this helped us discover a motherload of samples thanks to Style for free.com. Their site is constantly updated and they chronicle every free sample available in the USA. Bookmark them for free products at the click of a mouse.

Free food clubs
If you like food then you could do a lot worse than joining the Linda McCartney food tester club. Likewise the Fine-T Club promise to send you free samples of their latest. Two minutes work, a lifetimes worth of tea and ready meals.

Free Music
There is a way to get music for free without being handed a huge fine. Sign up for iTunes to get a free song every week, download unknown bands albums at MySpace or get free songs at Woolworths. The choice is yours, as is the money in your pocket.

Free TV Shows
Fancy attending one of your favourite TV Shows and doing it for free?
BBC Tickets, Applause Store, TV Recordings.com and Hollywood Tickets have got you covered for pretty much any show, any where. Or if you simply want to meet your favourite celebrities for free in New York visit Freenyc.net.

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