Tuesday, September 09, 2008

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Donna Karan Collection - CHAOS, Fuel for Men, Black Cashmere, Signature and Essences

Price: £55 each
Available Nationwide: 17th September 2008

In my last review of DKNY I spent almost the entire article talking about how chuffed I was with the apple shape of their latest Delicious range. So when samples of every other product in the Donna Karan collection arrived on my doorstep I was a little under whelmed by their slim black bottles and stuck on labels.

There is however some logic behind this simplistic packaging and reduced colour pallet. The group want to remove your preconceptions of any of these fragrances, they want to give you little more to go on than a sharp snappy title and an applicator to spray as you wish. They want nothing else in your mind but the scent.

And there are some great scents on offer across the range. – “Fuel for Men” has a fantastic cinnamon smell, making every day taste like apple pie. “Black Cashmere” on the other hand sounds like a curry on paper (with masala spices and nutmeg) but its sweet sugary scent pulls all of these fragrances in to a fantastic lingering smell, that is full of taste.

Then we come to the essences, four perfumes based on woodland wonder. Taking the same essences you’d likely find in a spray for your home, Donna Karan raises these scents up to become something even greater. From Lavender to Jasmine there are familiar scents, whilst Labdanum and Wenge introduce two unknown scents to your nostrils, both bringing to mind a Swedish spa resorts and utter relaxation. One final benefit of these four offshoots is that they are designed to be mixed, to be experimented with, so you can create ever more impressive fragrances with your body as the test subject.

Then we have CHAOS, the star attraction of the set. Containing the most ingredients, many of which would seem to clash on paper, its as if your favourite fragrances have been thrown in to the mixing pot in the hope they will produce something even better. One minute you’ll get a whaff of one scent, and then another until you’re not really sure what fragrance you sprayed on in the first place.

Although intended for women this mixture can feel a little unisex at times, often recalling stronger Hugo Boss scents for men. Some will really love it, others will not, but it'll never really be the same smell twice. Grab a sample of it, and be sure try, try, try until you get a feel for exactly what it offers.

This exprimentation is great for the 21st century but what’s really suprising about all of these fragrances is that they have been reissued from as far back as 1992, and perhaps with the exception of “Signature” they still stay strong today. Remarkable given how fashions, hairstyles and lifestyles have changed so much over the 16 year period. In this topsy turvy world one thing is for sure, smelling good never goes out of style.

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