Wednesday, September 03, 2008

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Chelston House - Dolls House Review

Where can I buy one:
Price: £89.99 + Extra for furnture
You have to feel sorry for dolls. They can barely move their arms and hands without our help and now they’re being asked to build enormous dolls houses from scratch. Take the Chelston House, it looks great in the pictures, and then it comes flat packed like something you’d find from Ikea. I’ll bet the dolls' little faces sank when they realised they’ve have to build it.

Well, if their faces could show expressions that is...

Like a piece of furniture from Ikea the instructions go for the abstract approach; “We don’t need text to describe what to do, a picture will do the job" but it’s refreshing to see that they actually do make a lot of sense. Saving the dolls some trouble, we were able to lend a hand in the construction and found it took a little under half an hour to put the house together. There’s no sharp edges so you can even teach your children how to build flat-pack furniture if you fancy it.

Once assembled the house is as sturdy as you’d ever need. The house opens at the front and you can move the entire front section away for easy access to any room you want to decorate. The magnet that holds the front of the house in place is very strong, so help may be required with younger children, but it does stop everything falling out if you move the house around.

The best touch is a roof which can be rotated around to give you complete access to a loft section. This gives you an entirely new room to decorate as well as keeping everything safe when not in use.

Making things easier for the dolls, is that the house does come rather nicely painted already. There’s faux plants on the outside, strong windows and a netural white colour scheme throughout. Where other brands would insist on having you mess around with stickers, the house already looks as good on the outside as you’d ever need it too. Non-pink versions are also available for the less girly amongst us.

Although dolls, furniture (and cats) aren't included with the house, for this review we were also provided with an ample supply of furniture in order to test that too. This included a kitchen sink (that makes two we've got now), table, chairs and a toilet. Enough to get us started and for the house to slowly take shape. We didn't have any bedroom furniture, but Breena didn't mind this one bit.

With furniture in place we were more than happy with the final house. So happy that we've made a decision to even keep it safe until we one day have children of our own. The build quality seems more than good enough to keep everything safe for many years to come, and it seems like something they will be able to treasure. Although as it's pink here's hoping we don't have just boys.

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