Wednesday, September 17, 2008

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Brylcreem Years Supply of Wax!

Following on from our 2007 review of a years supply of Brylcreem gel here we are to tackle a years supply of wax, gum and paste. So without further ado, lets see what’s new:

I’ve never really understood the need for makers of wax and gel to put strength scales on their products. After all no one wants their hair style to fall flat half way through the day, and most products are designed to be easily removed at the end of a hard day, so excess thickness isn’t really an issue any more. Most brands seem content to pump out five tubs in to the market, all near identical and pop different stickers on them for strength, hoping to attract every possible audience.

Brylcreem also adopt these same ratings with their strengthometer from 1-4. Thankfully this serves as more than just a way of giving Boots and co more than one product to put on their shelf. Not only does each product have its own rating but they also have completely different textures inside, making them different to apply, and more importantly, different on your hair.

For example “easyStyler gel wax” has a strength rating of two, but embodies a completely different texture to any hair product we’ve seen before. It looks like gel inside, but scooping your fingers in to the mixture reveals it to have both the smooth texture of a gel and the stickyness of a wax. Quite the paradox I’m sure you’ll agree, but it does ultimately go smoothly through your hair, and stick everything together. There’s no excess goo as you may expect from a gel, and the hair doesn’t go stiff like you’d expect from a wax. It really is the best of both worlds in one rather odd mixture.

Then we come to the “reStyler remouldable gum” (with a strength of three) and the “antiStyler scruffing paste”. Both look like something you’d apply to your face rather than your hair, one being a thick creamy mixture, the other resembling a face mask. They both perform the same task, reStyler giving slightly thicker hold in the long term.

Last we have “toughStyler strong wax”, the most conventional of the four it’s the only product to carry a four on the strengthometer, which you’ll notice as soon as you attempt to apply it. The thing is as hard as a rock, and it’s the type of product hairdressers would heat up with a blow dryer first just to get it out the tub. A few scoops and you'll have a tiny portion in your hand, but that will be enough to do an entire head of hair, so it's certainly long lasting due to its thickness.

By separating their different strengths in to numerous thicknesses Brylcreem have clearly given people a reason to choose between them. Choose the mixture you most like the feel of, and how stuck together you want your hair to be (the higher the score, the more you can hold together big clumps of hair) and you're done.

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