Wednesday, August 27, 2008

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Whatever Clock, Cool Jewels and Zing Review (Kim and Jason)

Where can I buy these? Kim and
Ah Adultisis. That annoying affliction that makes things seem childish and the world seem a little more droll and grey. Still here come three unique little products from Kim and Jason designed to take away this dreaded disease and bring back the child in us all.

The first thing to note is that their box included a party message, sachet of Kool Aid and balloon confetti, getting the celebration of youth off to a great start. Inside we found three products: the whatever clock, a cool jewels ice cube tray and Zing (a spoon for launching your lunch).

Whatever Clock
What happens to clocks on Friday afternoon when they just can’t be bothered with the daily grind of tick-tock? Well they say “whatever” to the world and their numbers just slide away. Charming and utterly original this clock says “whatever” to every minute of every day, with its numbers slumped in a corner and a striking slogan. Some numbers have even left the clock all together.

The white on black fitting is well put together and will sit well next to other frames and charcoal furnishings. As a clock it does the normal job well, and still tells time despite its laid back approach to life. Not having numbers isn’t a particularly big deal and considering hundred of wrist watches now lack numbers if you can tell time on them you’ll be fine with this bigger version.

What time is it? Who cares!

Zing – Launch Your Lunch by Fred
My inner child and inner adult really can’t decide where to place this. On the one hand it’s the most pointless product we’ve ever reviewed, on the other it’s a marvel of fun, mess and carnage. One thing is certain it’s effective at what it aims to do, catapulting lunch far across the room. In essence its the head of a spoon with a bendy handle and it works for anything from mayonnaise to dirt. There’s an art to finding food that is runny enough to rest on the spoon (grapes are a no-no) but not too sticky that it sticks to the spoon altogether.

If you have kids, I hope that they don’t discover this, if you’re an adult, I hope that you do.

Cool Jewels by Fred
We had bling for babies recently, which was just absolutely ridiculous, but bling for drinks? They could be on to something. This ice cube tray allows you to create ice cubes in the shape of diamonds and crystals, ready to bring a little class to any party. The tray is quite flexible, making it a bit worrying when you transport the water to the freezer, but the curved tops at the edge of each diamond keep the water in place. Minimal spillage, maximum sparkle.

I don’t know about you, but I feel younger already. Thanks to Kim and Jason for sending these over. They’re like the Ben and Jerry’s of childhood fun. Look them up next time you’re feeling like saying “whatever” to the world of adulthood.

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