Tuesday, August 05, 2008

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Viking Trader Bronze Thor Pendant

Where can I buy one: Viking Trader.net
How Much: $21

Whatever happened to Bronze? You walk in to your local jewellers and you’re greeted by silver, gold, white gold and platinum but where’s all the bronze? These days it seems people would rather buy stainless steel than bronze, but one company keeping the scene alive is Viking Trader who create bronze artefacts based on classic Viking designs.

You won’t have to break in to a museum to get these designs either, the one reviewed in this article cost a little over a tenner, and they ship to the worldwide. Our little bronze sculpture has something of a mischievous smirk about him, and a wicked handlebar moustache. I can’t really tell if he’s eating a jigsaw piece or trying to make sweet music on a unique instrument. The official line is that it depicts Thor with his hammer, and interestingly that it is based on a figure over 1000 years old.

Despite this it also looks like an early forerunning to the modern gnome and perhaps if you consider the item he is holding also bears resemblance to a four leaf clover he could even be considered a good luck charm. Using this as my own interpretation I decided to compare two days (one with them gnome, one without) to see if his luck would have an effect.

The day without was pretty traditional, I managed to bag a small piece of work from one of our clients, and found one of my articles on web development had been picked up online here. Then I switched to a day with the pendant and boy did things accelerate.

It started off great with a dress down day, another fantastic design project from a client (perhaps even better than the one the day previously) and a brilliant work birthday lunch at a Carvery. Good luck so far, but on returning to my desk the day pretty much took a downward turn from there. My computer broke, time slipped away from me and I proceeded to get approximately three things done all afternoon (which would be find if I didn’t have ten to do...).

Is the pendant lucky? No. If it does have a talent it would be as an accelerant of time, making the good and bad faster and all more urgent. Great for those who want a fast paced life, bad for those who just want to take it easy. Of course, this could all be coincidence, and a poor attempt to pad out 500 words, but that doesn’t explain why the slightly mischievous glint in his eye still continues.
Perhaps this is why bronze has gone out of fashion? Sure it’s well made and very original but could it have powers we can’t comprehend? I’m certainly glad I didn’t review one of the Viking Traders knives...

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

how do you mail order one becouse
i am a "viking" and i collect anything to do with them so will u plz tell me on my quizilla accout im calle gunhild thx 4 ur help

5:19 AM


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