Tuesday, August 26, 2008

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Pure Ayre Odour Eliminator Review

Where can I buy one: Pure Ayre.com
This is Marie’s cat Breena. She thinks she can get away with just about anything because she’s cute and looks like the cat version of a Pomeranian dog. Unfortunately her cuteness doesn’t quite extend to manners around the home, and we often find ourselves having to clean up after this little madam. Has she met her match with PureAyre?

An American odour eliminator, Pure Ayre is specially designed to target scents caused by cat urine and litter trays, as well as other household culprits such as cigarette smoke, vomit and even skunk sprays. Many of you will already be familiar with Febreze and the concept here is similar. Rather than masking smells with a scent it aims to remove them completely; offering a long term solution to odours.

What it offers that Febreze doesn’t is the ability to inject the spray directly in to the carpet, allowing it to diffuse around the fibres and remove deep odours. Far cheaper than buying a deep clean carpet cleaner, and unlike other carpet options you don’t have to clean up mountains of foam afterwards. You simply inject it and walk away, job done.

As another aside Pure Ayre also comes in small bottles that you can carry around in a handbag or store in your car dashboard to tackle odours outside of the home as well. Pretty much giving you the option of fighting odours at home or away. We even received a handy booklet detailing how to clean just about any odour away from any where you visit. Here’s hoping we never have to use it on a skunk.

Last of all there’s the option to spray the bottle directly on to your pets, as an even more effective odour eliminator. I must admit we didn’t try this. Despite the food-safe logo, and numerous encouraging comments from the manufacturer on the bottle and booklet I just didn’t feel up to it. That and the fact our cats have never been that smelly to give cause to a full over deep clean. Thankfully some encouragement was provided by my cat Pepper who seemed to get a kick out of sniffing the bottle.

We tried the spray on a problem area for Breena and are pleased to report than in two weeks she hasn’t had an ‘accident’ (I put it in inverted commas as we’re convinced she does it just for attention). She also seems to be hovering around that particular spot a little less and hopefully the problem has been solved, at least until she decides to start a new patch somewhere else. Then the fight against odours begins all over again.

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Blogger Blagman said...

Update: ah now she's found a new place to go about 20 centimeters away. Oh well, the battle continues...

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