Thursday, August 07, 2008

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FlexiSnake Review - Unclog Drains

Where can I buy one:
How much: $2.95

Unless you live in a brand new house then it’s likely when you moved in your humble adobe was filled with secret dirt collections and hidden piles of dust the last occupants missed. A quick sweep round, vacuum here and dust there you thought you’d found it all, but did you remember to check the plug hole?

Like the Tiger Taco this is another handy tip for those moving home that arrived weeks after we’d actually moved. Still it’s here now and we ran upstairs to try it on our shower drain and to find out some dirty little secrets about the house's previous occupants.

They’re designed to be used when you have a blocked drain or find water draining slowly down the plug hole. In our case we had no such problems so weren’t really expecting the FlexiSnake to do much at all. The snake itself comes curled up and you simply unravel it by pulling at one end, making it more than long enough to get to the cause of the problem. In doing this if you have any nearby cats you’ve in effect constructed one of the best cat toys around with a dangly bouncy piece of plastic. Give then ten minutes or so play time, wipe off the drool and then proceed to the drain.

The FlexiSnake contains a Velcro strip at the end to snag all of the unwanted hairs and as you push it down it grabs any hairs it can find, without pushing them down and causing further clogs. We simply pushed it down the drain, spun it around a bit, pulled it out and ... oh ... my ... god ...

As we expected to find nothing we were very stunned by what we found. The FlexiSnake emerged containing a goatees worth of hair, looking like one of the most unsanitary messes we have ever seen. You can’t reuse the snake so once we saw this we promptly placed it in to the bin and walked away from our drains never to look there again.

There no doubt that the FlexiSnake is effective, but do you really want to know what lurks below? It’s cheap and it’ll definitely work, so make sure you’re ready for what you’ll find.

Fancy getting one of these in the UK? Contact;

Niche Marketing & Sales UK Ltd
Attn: Karl Moore
Suite 2a, 33 Swanley Centre
Kent BR8 7TL

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