Tuesday, August 12, 2008

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Baby Emi Jingle Bells Anklet (Baby Bling!)

Where can I buy one: Baby Emi Jewelry.com
How Much: $40.00 (approx £25)
Ah baby bling. After handbags for carrying around small dogs named Fru-Fru and big thick gold chains it’s one of those strange celebrity obsessions that seems to filter down to us civilians, parading itself in magazines and screaming out for us to pay attention to it. So let’s take five minutes to explore just what it’s all about.

This particular piece comes from Baby Emi Jewelry.com and is their Jingle Bells Anklet which ranges from 6.5 inches wide to 10 inches meaning both Mother and Baby can match. We received the 6.5 inches version which is certainly cute in size alone before you ever put it anywhere near a baby.

Reviewing the jewellery on its own merits here, and not its ability to make you go “aww”, it's a well polished piece of stainless silver with the type of jingling bells that will happily ring to their hearts content as you walk. It’s not an annoying din, but does at first seem perhaps more at home on a cat collar. Still as an added bonus it means you can keep track of your baby as it explores the house so that’s sure to provide a bit of fun.

As an added touch our anklet came presented in a fantastic purple pouch, which for those going down the gift route is a must buy. A purple satin bag with ornate Asian markings, carefully hiding the gift within, it immediately drew our eye. It’s a beautiful pouch that should be kept long after your baby grows out of the jewellery.

My only other issue is safety. This is the type of product that would normally carry a big warning sticker stating (not suitable for children under 3 years old, may contain small parts) and yet this isn’t apparent here. Which should mean the piece is so well made it doesn’t need it, although I would certainly always have that niggle in the back of my mind. The manufacturers kindly combat this with no less than nine safety tips that come with the anklet, although most women will have lost the odd piece from various jewellery over the years so it doesn’t raise a few concerns as to the stability of the bells.

As a fashion accessory the Jingle Bells Anklet would certainly make a statement. The presentation is excellent and it would make any baby stand out from the crowd. Safety issues aside it’s a unique present, but one that will divide opinions like no other. If you do get one, the leaflet with the card advises, be sure to supervise your baby at all times. Good thing it’s so shiny and mesmerising then.

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