Friday, August 08, 2008

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Angelic Hen – Toxic Waste Disposal (Laundry) Bag

Where can I buy one: Angelic
How Much: £14.99

Do Superhero’s have radioactive underwear? You see I can never tell if people pick the products they send me at random or because they want to play on some journalistic quality, or ‘superhero’ theme. If they are going down the Superhero theme then Angelic Hen really couldn’t have picked a better product to send, because let’s face it every superhero needs a “Toxic Waste” laundry bag.

In fact Angelic Hen may have had a bit of a twinkle in their eye when they sent their initial message to me “We like slightly quirky off the wall people, and would be happy to send you a product” which they then followed up with “I giggle slightly knowing what we are sending you” . A fun likeable company then, which makes their stand well worth a visit if you happen to stumble to Top Drawer Autumn this year.

But we’re not reviewing the people who send it, the postal carriers who carry it, or the pink website that supports it, we’re reviewing the product! And in that respect it carries a visual punch no other laundry bag can deliver. It’s the type of bag boys, lazy students and Superhero’s in the making will covet, taking a nice hectic hand drawn style and transforming the ordinary bland linen of old in to something more fun and playful.

The bag includes the words “Toxic Waste – Disposal Bag”, two red triangle warnings for socks and underpants and a further disclaimer:

“Contents may cause breathing difficulties and should only be decontaminated by a trained specialist”.

The instructions carry the same charm with what I can only assume are fake quotes such as:

“I recommend its use at least once a day. Only then will you see a rapid reduction in contamination”
Dr Edith Von Hagasse,
Research Head Unit, Guild of Clean Underwear

The only niggle you can raise against it is that the bag is attached with staples which can be a bit of a pain to remove. Other than that it’s a nice original gift. The tie handles are effective and it’s big enough to fit an ample supply of T-Shirts, socks and superhero boxer shorts. Now where will I store my boots and cape....

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